The Peace Studies Association of Japan, PSAJ, was established in the autumn of 1973 for the purpose of encouraging and developing peace research in Japan. PSAJ regularly holds an annual convention and publishes an academic journal, Peace Research.

Peace Studies Association of Japan (PSAJ)

PSAJ had only 72 members when it was founded in 1973. Now with about 880 registered individual members and 12 corporate members, it is one of the largest national peace research organizations in the world. PSAJ tries to maintain good relations with all variants of peace researchers around the world, both individual and organizational. We wish to extend our warm greetings to all peace researchers in the world and invite you to participate in our endeavours and stand with us. If you happen to come to Japan, it may be possible to arrange a meeting with Japanese peace researchers during your visit. Please advise the Overseas Liaison Committee or PSAJ secretariat as far in advance as possible.

PSAJ is a member of IPRA (International Peace Research Association). (*PSAJ was a host organization of 1992 IPRA Conference in Kyoto)


The purpose of PSAJ is to focus on conflicts between nations, to carry out scientific research on the causes of any resultant strifes and conditions for peace, and to contribute to academic progress in related fields of study.


The Association is engaged in the following activities;


1) the holding of study meetings and lectures

 a) two major conferences every year

 b) smaller ad hoc meetings


2) the publishing of research conducted by members

 a) annals of PSAJ, Peace Studies (in Japanese)

 b) Peace Studies Bulletin (in English)

 c) PSAJ Newsletter (in Japanese)

 d) books and other publications


3) the coordination of national and foreign academic societies and other related institutions, as well as the promotion of exchange among researchers


4) the sponsoring of various activities which are considered to be necessary and appropriate in achieving the purposes of this Association

Newsletter Networking

The annual PSAJ Bulletin will be available online. In order to promote global networking of similar newsletters, it would be appreciated if information on the availability and contents of the PSAJ Bulletin could be included in any newsletter you know.

Application for Membership

In order to apply for membership, click here (instruction in Japanese).


Peace Studies Association of Japan (PSAJ)




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