No.32(November 2013) Special Issue "Forty Years of the Peace Studies Association of Japan"


No.31 (November 2012) Special Issue "Rethinking “Regional Peace” from the People’s Viewpoint: Peace-Building from Below"


No.30 (October 2011) Special Issue "Crossing Borders: Making the World More Just and Peaceful"


No.29 (October 2010) Special Issue "A World without Nuclear Weapons"


No.28(November 2009) Special Issue "The Right to Live in Peace: Contemporary Developments in Japan"


No.27(November 2008) Special Issue "Designing Policies for Peace: Dynamics of Japan’s Pacifist Constitution"


No.26(October 2007) Special Issue "In Search of “People’s Peace” in East Asia: On the Crossroads of Historical Experiences between Japan and Korea"


No.25(November 2006) Special Issue "Rising Pacifism in Japan"


No.24(May 2006) Special Issue "Civilian Military Cooperation in Japan"


No.23(April 2005) Special Issue "Peace Views of Japanese NGOs"


No.22(September 2003)


No.21(June 2002)


No.20(June 2001)


No.19(September 2000)


No.18(June 1999)


No.17(June 1998)


No.16(October 1997)


No.15(November 1996)


No.14(1995) Special Issue "The Implication of 'Hiroshima' for the Future"


No.13(May 1994) Special Issue "Immigrants, Refugees and Foreign Workers"


No.12(April 1993)


No.11(December 1991)


No.10(July 1991)


No.9(January 1990)


Nos.7-8(July 1989)


No.6(November 1986)


No.5(May 1985)


No.4(September 1984)


No.3(September 1983)


No.2(May 1982)


No.1(May 1979)